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Prepublication: Surface texture limits transfer of S. aureus, T4 Bacteriophage, Influenza B virus and Human coronavirus

Spread of pathogens on contaminated surfaces plays a key role in disease transmission. Surface technologies that control pathogen transfer can...... Read More

Surface Micropattern Resists Bacterial Contamination Transferred by Healthcare Practitioners (2014)

Sharklet-patterned adhesive films are designed to be deployed in many environments, including hospitals. This study places Sharklet film in key...... Read More

Surface micropattern limits bacterial contamination (2014)

Sharklet recently completed a large project that examined how the Sharklet micropattern can be used to reduce bacterial touch transfer...... Read More

Evaluating the Feasibility of Reducing Surface Contamination in Healthcare Facilities with Micro-Pattern Films (2011)

In a healthcare setting, micro-patterned films applied to high-touch environmental surfaces would likely experience physical wear and oily residue from...... Read More

Efficacy of microscopic surface patterning for reducing hospital environmental contamination (2011)

In this six-month hospital study, acrylic film with Sharklet micro-pattern was adhesively mounted onto wall panels  and mounted in six...... Read More