Frequently Asked Questions

How often does SharkletShield Germ Barrier Film need to be replaced?

We recommend replacing the films every 90 days or more frequent for those applications with severe usage and visible wear.  When wear can be seen, it means that the micropattern is wearing down and will be less effective. Ninety days is the estimate of the average use life – the longevity is highly dependent on the actual use of the film. Extremely high touch surfaces may be worn down faster than those without much use.


Can routine cleaning be reduced when using Sharklet surfaces?

Both Sharklet and routine cleaning on surfaces are aimed at reducing risks of contracting microbial pathogens such as bacteria and virus from surfaces. Third party test reports and Sharklet’s internal studies show Sharklet exhibits over 90% reductions to common bacterial and viral pathogens compared to same materials without the Sharklet technology. Tests showing 90% efficacy were conducted in laboratories without the effects of cleaning, however we recommend maintaining same routine cleaning schedules on Sharklet surfaces to minimize infection risks posed to users.


What are the benefits of using SharkletShield Germ Barrier Film rather than just maintaining routine cleaning schedules?

Routine cleaning only removes pathogens at the time of cleaning, while Sharklet protects surfaces between cleaning intervals. For example, public surfaces may be cleaned daily, but on each day, surfaces may be contaminated by contact with dirty hands, and diseases may be transmitted on the same day. Sharklet can help reduce the risks of transmission. Therefore, the combination of routine cleaning and Sharklet technology offers full protection.


Has Sharklet had any third party testing done?

Sharklet has obtained independent test reports by third party laboratories in the UK, US and China, with all three showing high efficacy against microbial pathogens.


How does SharkletShield Germ Barrier Film react to hospital cleaning chemicals?

Please check the compatibility of those cleaning chemicals with the specific material of the Sharklet product you are interested in (for example: PET, TPU, TPE; the material will be on the product information/spec pages). As Sharklet is only a texture, Sharklet itself won’t be affected unless the product material is not compatible with those chemicals.


Can I incorporate Sharklet germ barrier technology into my own products?

We work with many companies and product lines. Please contact us at to discuss your specific application.