Sharklet Yoga Mat

Sharklet Yoga Mat

Sharklet uses micropattern alone – no chemicals – to prevent adherence, colonization, and transference of germs on yoga mats.

Sharklet’s micropatterned yoga mat reduces bacterial contamination on the surface while also providing a thick, anti slip mat for a comfortable yoga practice.

The Sharklet yoga mat:

  • Keeps the surface cleaner between cleanings.  The Sharklet pattern is always at work and serves as a safety net in between standard cleaning protocols.
  • Offer no risk for antimicrobial resistance. Sharklet uses structure alone to disrupt bacterial attachment, not antimicrobial agents that contribute to the development of “superbugs.”
  • Offer a defense against multiple strains of bacteria. Sharklet has been shown to be effective against many Gram-negative and Gram-positive strains, including clinical isolates, in different media and flow conditions. Positive results have been shown against Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli.
  • Is available in two thickness and four colors. 2mm and 4mm thickness available in black marble, white marble, pearl grey, and mint green.
  • Is extra long and wide. The Sharklet yoga mat is a generous 72″ long and 26″ wide.

*Use of the Sharklet micropattern is intended to be a supplement to standard infection control practices, not a substitute. While Sharklet has been shown to reduce bacterial colonization on surfaces between cleanings, users should continue to follow all current infection control practices related to cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.