Sharkskin Wound Dressing

Sharkskin is an advanced, full-thickness wound dressing that can be rapidly produced and customized at the point-of-care. It uses micropattern alone – no chemicals – to promote cellular migration.

Combat wounds are more complex and require more advanced care than civilian wounds. Of all wounds suffered on the battlefield, 55% occur to soft tissues, and up to 20% are thermal wounds.

For these kinds of wounds, accelerated healing is essential. Slow healing can lead to infection of the wound, loss of tissue and atrophy of the affected limb. Quickened healing also reduces pain for the patient and scarring of the affected skin. Using a dressing that speeds the healing process minimizes each of these side effects, increasing the overall quality of care for the patient.

A 3D rendering of a Sharkskin Wound Dressing

Sharkskin Benefits

Promotes healing without autologous skin grafting

By utilizing a new Sharklet micropattern designed to promote cellular migration, the apical layer will accelerate re-epithelialization by as much as 64%

Novel 3D base layer geometry

The base layer uses small pores to promote vascularization – the formation of new blood vessels and dermal tissue. The dermal layer heals at the same time as the epithelial layer, reducing overall healing time and providing better outcomes.

Individually tailored for each wound and each patient

Each Sharkskin Wound Dressing can be tailor made for the needs of the individual patient using additive 3D printing. This breakthrough in medical manufacturing technology will reduce material waste and make a dressing that is perfectly suited for each wound, promoting healing.

The Research

This in vitro study shows migration of epithelial cells across a smooth surface compared to a Sharklet surface. The Sharklet micropattern has been engineered to promote cellular migration. The Sharklet surface showed a 64% increase in migration.

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