Board of Directors

Anthony Brennan, Ph.D

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Anthony Brennan is the founder of Sharklet Technologies and chairman of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Brennan discovered and developed Sharklet™, the company’s core surface technology. He is an endowed professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He also holds an appointment in the Biomedical Engineering department at the University of Florida. He is a world-renowned research engineer in surface sciences and acclaimed for his work in engineered microtopographies for microorganism control. Dr. Brennan’s research program centers on the development and evaluation of biomedical materials with special emphasis on biomedical composites and their interfacial behavior with respect to implantation. His research group has earned 26 Ph.D.’s and 32 MS degrees, advised numerous Post-doctoral fellows, authored or co-authored more than 100 publications, and secured 60 patents, applications, PCT filings, with 22 US Patents. Dr. Brennan serves as the associate director of the Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering. Professor Brennan has initiated and participated in numerous interdisciplinary research programs with the Colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Dentistry.


Board Director and CEO

ZHOU Liwu is a Director and CEO of Sharklet Technologies, Inc. in Aurora, CO.  He leads Sharklet Technologies, Inc., and the development of surface technologies that are designed to address microorganism growth and make healthier, safer and cleaner environments. He guides a dynamic and diverse team of scientists, engineers, business professionals and product developers who are focused on commercialization of the Sharklet micropattern. He is the long-time Chairman of Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd. Xingyuan, a public listed company and market leader in environment protection in China. This company has an comprehensive profile of services for environmental management and provide waste water treatment for a wide variety of industries.

Mr. Zhou is devoted to make the world a better place. Besides the efforts in protecting the environment from pollutions, he is dedicated to maintain its cleanness and keep pathogenic microorganisms away from people. Mr. Zhou has a strong background in leading companies to profitability through improving social awareness.

Christine Cheung

Board Director

Christine Cheung has over 10 years of private equity investing experience and more than 15 years of operational experience in medical companies.

Prior to co-founding her private equity investment company and medical company, she served as country manager of Guidant China and product manager in Jebsen & Co., Ltd. She began her career as a dentist at Beijing Dental Hospital in China.

She received a B.A. degree of medicine from Capital Medical University in Beijing, China.

Executives & Management

Ryan Stoneberg

Senior VP of Engineering

Ryan Stoneberg is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Sharklet Technologies, Inc. in Aurora, CO.  He leads the engineering, innovation and manufacturing in Denver. Ryan has led many of Sharklet’s engineering and manufacturing processes aimed at demonstrating the use of microtopographies for biological control.

Ryan holds a bachelor’s of science in engineering from Hope College, in Holland, Michigan.  Ryan went on to 10x MicroStructures where he supported functional surfaces focused on micro & nano-structures from concept to production.  Ryan held many positions inside of 10x MicroStructures eventually becoming the President.  During his 15 years at 10x he did work for multiple Fortune 500 companies working in fields like retro-reflective optics, edge-lit LEDs, consumer electronics, aerospace, renewable energy, automotive and medical.