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Sharklet Technologies announces a new product line of adhesively backed film.  The film has our patent protected technology on one side and can be adhered to multi-touch surfaces in public places such as cashier and POS desks, elevator buttons, door push bars and bathroom stall doors in retail centers, hospitals, offices, hotels, and public transportation to reduce adherence, colonization and transference of germs.

No chemicals. Just Sharklet.

Sharklet is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial growth through pattern alone. The Sharklet surface is comprised of millions of microscopic features arranged in a distinct diamond pattern. The structure of the pattern alone inhibits bacteria from attaching, colonizing and forming biofilms. Sharklet contains no toxic additives or chemicals.

Sharklet draws inspiration from the shape and pattern of the dermal denticles of sharkskin. Sharks are resistant to fouling organisms in the water including algae and barnacles.

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