What is Sharklet?

Sharklet is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial growth through pattern alone. The Sharklet surface is comprised of millions of microscopic features arranged in a distinct diamond pattern. The structure of the pattern alone inhibits bacteria from attaching, colonizing and forming biofilms. Sharklet contains no toxic additives or chemicals.

Sharklet draws inspiration from the shape and pattern of the dermal denticles of sharkskin. Sharks are resistant to fouling organisms in the water including algae and barnacles.

Advantages of Sharklet Technology

Sharklet Inside

Cutting-edge technology to enhance the value of your product. Designed in the USA.

Patented Technology

The Sharklet technology is protected by multiple patents.

Chemical Free

Our no-kill technology doesn’t contribute to the rise of superbugs.

Precision Manufacturing

Micron-level precision manufacturing is used to create Sharklet products.

Lab Tested

Tested by third-party laboratories in the U.S.A, U.K, and China.

Expert Technical Support

Direct support from experts in the engineering and manfuacturing of the Sharklet micropattern.

Existing Product Integration

The Sharklet micropattern can be added into your existing product in a wide variety of materials.

Sharklet Germ Barrier Film

Sharklet’s Germ Barrier film can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.

Sharklet works with many industries including:

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Medical tubing (catheters, endotracheal tubes), germ barrier film for high touch hospital surfaces, screen protectors


K-8, HS, colleges and more.  Germ barrier film can be used for door handles, desks, cafeteria tables, restroom surfaces


Sharklet Germ Barrier film can be applied to grab handles, railings and more to reduce germ spread in public transport situations.


Sharklet Germ Barrier film can be applied to door handles, restroom counters, and lobby surfaces of hotels.

Apartment Buildings

Keeping residents safe is our #1 goal.  Our Sharklet Germ Barrier film can be applied to high touch surfaces in shared areas.

Museums and Entertainment Venues

Our Germ Barrier film can be applied to a wide variety of high touch surfaces at museums and venues.

For Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals need to protect patients and staff from germ transmission.  2,000,000 patients a year contract hospital acquired infections (HAIs), and close to 100,000 people per year die from them.  The US spends as much as $45 billion a year treating these infections.  The use of antibiotics and chemicals contributes to untreatable superbugs.

For Education

Schools need a chemical-free solution to reduce germ transmission.  According to a One PLOS study 80 stair handles were tested and nearly 9% came back positive for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  The Journal of School Nursing ran a study in an average school setting which showed that close to 20% of desktops swabbed tested positive for Influenza A.

For Transportation

Metro Magazine published an article in 2019 indicating that 1 in 4 Americans do not wash their hands after using public transit.  They also highlighted that 2 in 5 Americans travel while sick and 60% of those individuals do not wipe down the surfaces they’ve touched.

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No Chemicals, Just Sharklet

The patented Sharklet micropattern reduces germ transfer on surfaces


Over 90% less bacterial transfer on on Sharklet surfaces compared to smooth*.

Sharklet was established.


Sharklet’s microtexture is always active, even between cleanings.


Texture alone minimizes germs, no greasy or dangerous residues.


Clean you can see. Logoed film indicates protected surfaces so there is no question of cleanliness.