Current Projects

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Foley Urinary Catheter

The Sharklet Foley catheter is designed to use the Sharklet micropattern to limit bacterial colonization and migration. This type of bacteria growth is usually associated with an increase in urinary tract infections. Sharklet catheters are anticipated to reduce UTIs by up to 80%

Oct ’14:
A clinical trial, featuring the Sharklet urinary catheter, will begin in early 2015 as a part of a DOD study.

Central Venous Catheter
Endotracheal Tube

Endotracheal tubes (ETTs) containing the Sharklet micropattern serve a dual purpose. Sharklet present on the outer surface of the ETT prevents the colonization and migration of bacteria that cause pneumonia and other serious infections. A special Sharklet pattern on the inside is designed to prevent the ETT from occluding with mucus, a common problem with these devices. An ETT that becomes clogged with mucus must be replaced, a painful experience for the patient and a costly procedure for the hospital.

Oct ’14: STI is continuing to work on manufacturing trials of Sharklet patterned ETTs using an NIH/SBIR Phase II grant. We expect to begin clinical trials in 2015.

Intraocular Lens

When patients undergo cataract surgery, epithelial cells tend to migrate under the new lens and cloud vision. Laser surgery can correct this clouding, but is cost prohibitive for many patients arond the world. A Sharklet patterned IOL would restrict the migration of these cells onto the lens and eliminate the need for the followup laser surgery.

Oct ’14: Work has concluded on a Phase I NIH/SBIR grant. A Phase II submission is expected for the end of 2014.

Smartphone Cases

Frequently touched surfaces serve as germ transfer points among people. Smartphones are overlooked conduits for these organisms into our bodies. Studies show that nearly 80% of all bacterial infections are transmitted by human hands. Cleaner surfaces interacting with those hands mean less transmission from person to person. A Sharklet patterned smartphone case is an easy and affordable way to make your device cleaner.

Oct ’14: Smartphone cases for the iPhone 5/5s should be ready for sale in early December 2014. Check back here or sign up for our email notifications to stay up to date with this exciting product.