Sharklet Technologies Announces Acquisition by Peaceful Union and New Partnership to Accelerate Development of Medical Devices and Surface Technologies Featuring Sharklet®

Sharklet Technologies, Inc., a biotechnology company lauded for the creation and

commercialization of Sharklet®, the world’s first micro-texture that inhibits bacterial growth on surfaces,

today announced that it has completed a financing event led by Peaceful Union, an equity medical

device firm in Hangzhou, China. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


The acquisition of the company will enable Sharklet Technologies to accelerate the development of

Sharklet for medical devices where chemical-free bacterial inhibition is desired as well as high-touch

surfaces prone to bacterial contamination. The company also will accelerate development of a newly

enhanced wound dressing technology to encourage healing.


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Sharklet Featured in Xploration Nature Knows Best

Sharklet will be featured in the next episode of Xploration Nature Knows Best. Check your local TV listings to catch the episode.

Xploration Nature Knows Best
S01, E09 – Sharks’ skin is used to fight germs; sharks’ senses help to build better robots; wetsuits make people nearly invisible to the ocean’s top predators.

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Micropatterned Endotracheal Tubes Reduce Secretion-Related Lumen Occlusion

When patients are mechanically ventilated, endotracheal tubes have the potential to disrupt normal airway secretion production and clearance. This ultimately results in secretion accumulation within standard endotracheal tubes and leads to numerous complications for the patient. Sharklet has developed two different test models (in vitro and in vivo) to evaluate the ability of Sharklet-micropatterned endotracheal tubes to reduce the accumulation of these secretions and improve patient care.

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